ReMatriation Station Podcast

The ReMatriation Station

The Rise In Love Foundation

The ReMatriation Station is an Indigenous-led series that seeks solution-focused conversation to address the systemic problems created by toxic colonial male patriarchy. The show is hosted by Vandee Crane, a Ni-u-kon-ska (Osage) Descent, an advocate for the safety of Womxn and Children, career whistleblower, and former clinician along with her co-host, her daughter Tatanka Ska Win SwiftBird, an enrolled member of Oglala Sioux (Lakota)Tribe and a student, artist, survivor, and advocate in training. During their 13 month series, during every Full Moon, they will discuss in detail topics Indigenous Womxn face in their process of decolonization and frontline work in their communities. Every Moon, our goal will be to have a guest on the show to highlight an Indigenous Matriarch and Honor the work that they are doing in their communities.

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