Community Organizations We Support

Wanukcala Wicokan

Based in the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux Communities, Winukcala Wicokan is headed by Martina LookingHorse as a way of continuing the cultural preservation and ‘mutual aid’ work that her Family has done for generations, that she continues to this day with her daughters. Winukcala Wicokan is completely grassroots with a very humble budget but big Visions. Future plans includ a Youth Center in the Kennel , an Eco Village at Rainbow Valley and a Harm Reduction Center in Fort Yates.

Basic Lakota Language and Culture offered by Martina LookingHorse, Spring 2022.

Juliann Shot To Pieces with Relatives at her home in Wounded Knee, SD

Wounded Knee Windows Club

WKWC’s mission is to provide a safe space for other older Women in the Wounded Knee Community and give support and encouragement rooted in their Lakota cultural connection to Wounded Knee Youth, including the Ta Oyate Ollowan Drum. Julianne Shot to Pieces began doing this work many years ago as a Traditional Lakota Winyan and has become well known in her community for facilitating reconciliation work within the community. Her son Wakiyan Little Moon is the Ta Oyate Drum Keeper and is also integral to the community resource and cultural preservation work. The Ta Oyate Ollowan travels all over the United States representing their Wounded Knee Community, including representing in Washington DC and the United Nation in NYC.