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reWriting HERstroy

“My Body, My Soul….” is a poignant and timely personal memoir of  “Vandee” Crane . At the age of thirteen years old, Vandee experienced the unthinkable; she was sold into child sex trafficking by her own Mother. Ninety percent of victims don’t survive long enough to be rescued, however Vandee found the courage within her to escape at age fifteen. After escaping and seeking help from authority figures, Vandee soon discovered a dark truth about the society we live in. This truth inspired her to become a clinician, activist, and advocate. She has since dedicated her life to exposing truth, supporting others in their healing path, inspiring and rEVOLutionizing healing worldwide.

Through her own experiences she demonstrates the power of truth, the need for responsibility and accountability in our society and the undeniable healing power of the divine feminine. Vandee gives you a vivid glimpse into the experience of  victim of child sex trafficking while still leaving you with the hope that any healing is possible.

Author , Wellness Coach, & CSET Survivor Leader, Vandee Crane

“I wept so hard reading your story. The only way I could read it through the ending is because I already know that you faired so well in the end. Your story is amazing and beyond inspiring.”

Karen Erikson, Editor RIP 9/23/1969-6/13/2018