How We Serve

  • Cultural Consulting w/ John SwiftBird , Oglala Lakota Tribe or with Lakota Grandmother Martina Looking Horse, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe   
  • Digital Artwork & Editing w/ TatankaSkaWin SwiftBird, Oglala Lakota 
  • Motivational Speaking & Professional Training w/ Vandee Crane, Wazazi & Tsalagi 
  • Magi Calendar Destiny Readings w/ Vandee
  • Transformational Life Coaching w/ Vandee 
  • ReMatriation Business Consulting w/ Vandee 
  • Trauma Healing Centered Workshops w/ John, Tata, and Vandee (Culturally appropriate workshops on healing from Ancestral Trauma as a Family)

All profits from our provided services go to support the various programs backed by Rise in Love Foundation.

We can be reached at or (505) 303-0638

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