Cekpa Hoksi Center for ReMatriation

A Safe space for BIPOC Women (inclusive definition) to Gather for Healing & Reconnection

Our largest ongoing Vision to date is the Cekpa Hoksi Center for ReMatriation. We are once again seeking Land in Northern New Mexico, traditional Pueblo and Apache Ancestral Territory. This project is the full embodiment of the Rise In Love Foundation’s mission to create Cultures of Safety through healing the individual and collective Mother Wound through ReMatriation. This Indigenous Wellness Retreat and Conference Center would be just that. The ideal Land would have enough space for several small structures, which through our focus group of Indigenous Women, have found a preference for varying Indigenous structures: an Adobe pueblo style to honor the Original People of this Land, a Hogan to honor the Dine Ancestors that came through this territory on their historic Long Walk, a Tipi to honor the Northern Plains Relatives that traveled here for trade, a Long House, a Grandmother’s Cabin, and a couple of other structures that would blend with the landscape and be appropriate for the high-desert climate.

Current activities of this project include language preservation, Healing the Mother Wound Circles, online Decolonized Yoga Sessions, 3 Sisters Garden for reviving Indigenous gardening methods, growing and wild harvesting Medicines, Medicine making, self defense, preparing traditional/healthy foods, COVID 19 Mutual Aid, etc. A previous service RILF has offered in the past is finding holistic providers to donate/provide sliding scale sessions to make various healing modalities more accessible to those needing it most such as trafficking survivors and Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) folx, especially those on the frontlines of Social Justice movements. This is another service we look forward to continuing as we expand.

The Elements: As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without


to Nature, to Spirit, and to your own internal relationships to the various Elements through sharing of ceremony, Yoga, and Indigenous Womens Moon Teachings.



space within a Safe Community in a Safe Environment with like Hearted People seeking to take Safety Culture back to their Families and Communities.

Traditional Foods and Farming Practices


food, grow skills, grow in spirit through learning to relate to Food as Medicine.

“The short time I spent at the ReMatriation Center gave me the courage and belief in myself that I needed to do what I never thought I could do: remember my own strength as an Indigenous Woman”


Let’s make something beautiful together.

Wild harvesting in Ancestral Pueblo/Apache Territory