Our Mission

Our Mission is to support individuals, families, companies and communities in creating a Culture of Safety through healing the collective Mother Wound and promoting ReMatriation.

What is the Mother Wound?

The mother wound is the pain, wounding, and trauma that’s carried by a mother and inherited by her children, with daughters facing the brunt of this wound.

Even if a mother is physically present, having a mother who is not emotionally attuned and available to you when you were a child can still cause pain. 

Many mothers weren’t provided with the resources or support needed to process their own traumas in their lives and that plays a role in how they interact with and raise their children. How your mother treats herself and her body, how she views herself internally, what she teaches you to value or view negatively, traumatic events she experienced, the harmful beliefs she was taught, the dysfunctional coping mechanisms she became dependent on in reaction to those traumas, etc. all impact us as the children. Because mothers are oftentimes the most influential individuals in our lives and we are very dependent on them during formative years, we tend to internalize many of these beliefs and take on the unhealthy coping mechanisms as well. 

From an Indigenous perspective we take this definition a step further to include our Relationship to all Life; other Beings, the Land, Water, and Stars. And how Colonialism and capitalism have historically effected and continue to effect all of our Relationships, from how we raise our Children to how to allow the environment to be treated.

A mother wound can come from:

  • Authoritarian filial piety

  • War

  • Immigration/refugee experience

  • Poverty

  • Racism

  • Colonialism

  • Emotional, physical, sexual, verbal abuse

  • Patriarchal societies/sexism and internalized misogyny 

  • Untreated mental illnesses 

How the mother wound manifests in us:

  • Not being your full self because you don’t want to threaten others

  • Not knowing how to set boundaries with yourself and others

  • Struggle connecting with/healing your inner child

  • Having a high tolerance for poor treatment from others

  • People pleasing 

  • Emotional care-taking

  • Feeling competitive with other women

  • Self-sabotage

  • Parentification

  • Being overly rigid and dominating

  • Conditions such as eating disorders, depression, and addictions

This doesn’t excuse any harmful behavior that may have been inflicted on you as a result of a mother’s unresolved trauma. We are allowed to hold resentment or be angry and upset over how our parents raised us, while at the same time empathize with our parents’ upbringing and understanding why they behave certain ways. We are allowed to see our mothers as women and human beings first who have flaws and can experience pain and hardship AND still want to hold them accountable.

What we can do to work on and heal from the mother wound:

  • Seek professional mental health services 

  • Understand that you as the child are not responsible for “saving” your mother or parent

  • Reject and dismantle the subtle, overt, and unspoken messages about motherhood

  • Embrace grief and allow yourself to grieve for what wasn’t offered to you as a child; if we avoid acknowledging the impact of our mother’s pain in our lives, we remain to some degree, children

  • Question the power dynamics in mother/daughter relationships or any parent/children relationship

  • Develop an entirely new relationship with yourself and your mother as an adult

Prior to the Global Pandemic we had just began scheduling workshops regionally in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. Those events were all cancelled of course as the whole world learned to adjust to Life in the Pandemic. We are now offering most of our services online.

If you are interested:

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  • Survivor Led or Cultural Consultations
  • Workshops or Trainings

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2020 OFFERING: Its Time to Heal The Mother 

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