ReMatriation Series: A Practical Guide to Remembering

In this 13 week series , Indigenous Author and Wellness Coach, Vandee Crane will be offering practical tools to reconnect, Reclaim, and remember the inherent wisdom that al

l of our Ancestors were once connected with as she interweaves story telling, Indigenous thought, yogic and Meditation practices, and practical lifestyle changes that are accessible to us all to recreate the world that we all need.

To learn more about Vandee Crane and her work please visit

All proceeds from this event go to support the mission of Rise In Love Foundation.

Sacred (R)evolution Global Festival Starts TOMORROW 12/4/2021

Dear Beloved,

It is undeniable that we are deeply submerged in an age of separation, at a pivotal moment when systems are crumbling and the levels of suffering in our world are becoming nearly insurmountable. This age of separation is closely related to our alienation from nature, our own bodies and the sacred feminine. It has severed us from our own souls and our souls’ physical address in this lifetime, our holy body temples.

The world is crying out for a Great Homecoming now: a homecoming back to the land, our bodies, and the he(art) of what matters most. Sacred reconnection — to our truth, our planetary family, our sacred purpose, our power, our sovereignty, and our great Mother Earth — is the medicine that is most greatly needed in our world right now. It’s time for a Sacred (R)evolution of love and reverence for self, each other, the planet, and the Web of All Life. It’s time for a bottom line of love aimed at restorative justice, collective healing, and fierce liberation so we can ALL live into our (r)evolutionary potential now at this most crucial time in human history. 

That’s why I’m so thrilled to invite you to participate in The Sacred (R)evolution® Global Festival: a 5 day Healing Journey & Oracular Celebration with over 30 Global Luminaries to Superpower Your 2022 [CLICKABLE  LINK TO ] starting on the New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th! 

My dear siSTAR Lainie Love Dalby has teamed up with the Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy to gather a potent group of incredible thought leaders & visionaries who will each be interpreting one of the 50 cards in the Sacred (R)evolution Oracle and bringing their own unique medicine and gifts to this first of its kind festival & celebration! There will be songs, rituals, ceremonies, movement practices, teachings, channeled sessions, ecstatic embodiment, shamanic journeys & more! During such deep pockets of uncertainty, oracle decks and divination are some of the most powerful sacred tools we have to THRIVE and to tap into Divine guidance. 

That’s why it’s totally FREE to join us, as a healing balm for the uncertainty. [CLICKABLE  LINK TO]

Lainie Love is a potent transformational catalyst, cosmic creatrix, shamanic healing artist, bestselling author as well as a masterful speaker and retreat facilitator that’s on a mission to free humxn spirits that have been told they’re “too much” or “not enough” to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and step into their authentic power & sovereignty. That’s why I’m so excited to co-create with her in this way!!

This is part of a larger celebration for the launch of their new Sacred (R)evolution Multi-media Oracle, [CLICKABLE  LINK TO and we so hope you’ll join us for the magic & festivities to bring some LIGHT & potent medicine into such a dark time globally!! I also already got my copy of her gorgeous new deck, and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this transformational ancient technology too!!! The Sacred (R)evolution Oracle is potent medicine for the Aquarian Age and I can’t wait to share my interpretation of the card [INSERT YOUR CARD TITLE HERE & more about your unique medicine offering].

During this transformational eclipse portal from December 4th to 8th, we’re going to dive deep into this five day healing journey & medicine space to support you in living into your full (r)evolutionary potential & Sparkling SHAMELESSLY for the good of all!

The best part is that it’s totally FREE to join us!!! [CLICKABLE  LINK TO

Each day there’s going to be a live guided healing journey with Lainie Love and then a series of talks, rituals, ceremonies & other explorations of the oracle cards in the deck that are released each day going into each of the five sections of the Sacred (R)evolution® Oracle Deck:

  1. Re-member: Coming Home to the Body
  2. Re-wild: Coming Home to Mother Earth
  3. Re-weave: Coming Home to our Human Family
  4. Re-turn: Coming Home to the Web of All Life
  5. Re-birth: Coming Home to Your Authentic Star Power

TOGETHER we are igniting this Sacred (R)evolution so we can dream & co-create a new world into Being! That’s what the inner journey in this oracle deck is all about, and we’re SOO thrilled you’re joining us for the journey, Beloved!

Can’t wait to see you there!]

In Gratitude,

Vandee Crane

P.S. Supercharge your 2022 with wisdom, healing & potent medicine from 30 global luminaries! Don’t miss this first of it’s kine 5 day Healing Journey & Oracular Celebration! Join us here totally FREE. [CLICKABLE  LINK TO]

What is “The Mother Wound”

  • The Mother Wound is what makes up for the vast gap between Feminism and Matriarchy
  • It is the parallel between the rape and exploitation of women and the rape and exploitation of our Unci Maca “Grandmother Earth”
  • It is women forgetting how to hold men accountable
  • It is women forgetting their own strength
  • It is the fear that men feel over the power that women posses
  • It is the anxiety that drives some men to destroy that power in women
  • The Mother Wound is that which damages the sacred bond between Mother and Child and is that which is passed on for generations

As we are watching our Grandmother Earth and her inhabitants die at accelerated rates, many are finally beginning to wake up to the existence of this gaping Mother Wound, but can we heal it before it’s too late?

The Greatest Gaslight of All

A Woman’s Intuition is her Super Power

Throughout modern history, the colonial, capitalist paradigm has continually sought to silence the voice of the Matriarch. When we look back, not too far into the distant past to the ‘ancient civilizations’ of modern history, such as Sumerian or Egyptian Cultures, we can see a balance in the spiritual practices of these civilizations; a recognizing and honoring of both the sacred male deities and sacred female deities. However, as colonial culture continued to spread from its origins of Rome and China, we can trace the origins of the spiritual imbalance and toxic masculinity we see at play in the world today. It doesn’t take a scientist to see that our state of being in our current experience as humanity is suffering from a grave imbalance of these two energies.

Matriarchy requires an incredible commitment to personal evolution of both the male and female psyches. It requires unrelenting personal and collective accountability in order to care for the needs of all. In its deep desire and core nature to meet everyone’s needs, it requires constant sacrifice, rigorous honesty, and a commitment to compassion. Essentially Matriarchy is in direct defiance to the male ego, that which is at the core of all the suffering we are witnessing and expereincing in the world today.

This is why for the last couple thousand years, the male ego has sought to destroy the Matriarchy. Most recently giving us the option of Feminism, but feminism itself tricks us into giving away our power as natural Givers of Life in an effort to be equal to men. Matriarchy, in so many different ways and historical accounts has been ripped from her roots, burned at the stake, tortured in asylums, ripped out of women’s bodies, and medicated beyond recognition. Women who honored their Intuition were deemed hysterical and sent for hysterectomies so that they would/could no longer hold their husbands accountable. For decades women have accepted the label of being the ‘crazy bitch’, ‘the untamable shrew’, ‘the savage squaw’ merely because we honored what it was to be Woman.

As a result of this grave imbalance, the future of Humanity is uncertain. Will we remember what it is to live in harmony once more or are we lost forever? Our ability to respect the Mother and the balance that Matriarchy brings seems to be our only hope for our future and the future of our children.


To be continued……