The Greatest Gaslight of All

A Woman’s Intuition is her Super Power

Throughout modern history, the colonial, capitalist paradigm has continually sought to silence the voice of the Matriarch. When we look back, not too far into the distant past to the ‘ancient civilizations’ of modern history, such as Sumerian or Egyptian Cultures, we can see a balance in the spiritual practices of these civilizations; a recognizing and honoring of both the sacred male deities and sacred female deities. However, as colonial culture continued to spread from its origins of Rome and China, we can trace the origins of the spiritual imbalance and toxic masculinity we see at play in the world today. It doesn’t take a scientist to see that our state of being in our current experience as humanity is suffering from a grave imbalance of these two energies.

Matriarchy requires an incredible commitment to personal evolution of both the male and female psyches. It requires unrelenting personal and collective accountability in order to care for the needs of all. In its deep desire and core nature to meet everyone’s needs, it requires constant sacrifice, rigorous honesty, and a commitment to compassion. Essentially Matriarchy is in direct defiance to the male ego, that which is at the core of all the suffering we are witnessing and expereincing in the world today.

This is why for the last couple thousand years, the male ego has sought to destroy the Matriarchy. Most recently giving us the option of Feminism, but feminism itself tricks us into giving away our power as natural Givers of Life in an effort to be equal to men. Matriarchy, in so many different ways and historical accounts has been ripped from her roots, burned at the stake, tortured in asylums, ripped out of women’s bodies, and medicated beyond recognition. Women who honored their Intuition were deemed hysterical and sent for hysterectomies so that they would/could no longer hold their husbands accountable. For decades women have accepted the label of being the ‘crazy bitch’, ‘the untamable shrew’, ‘the savage squaw’ merely because we honored what it was to be Woman.

As a result of this grave imbalance, the future of Humanity is uncertain. Will we remember what it is to live in harmony once more or are we lost forever? Our ability to respect the Mother and the balance that Matriarchy brings seems to be our only hope for our future and the future of our children.


To be continued……

One thought on “The Greatest Gaslight of All

  1. Sat Nam I just learned that I’m an HSP or highly sensitive person. So much of my life makes more sense now that I know I’m not crazy!

    Let me know if I can support you with my technical skill set.



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